About Me

With my sponsor child, Naphiri, in Malawi as a World Vision New Zealand Sanitarium Youth Ambassador (2014, image by Jo Currie)

Hello! My name is Cecilia and welcome to my lifestyle (and everything else) blog, I'm so glad that you're here. I'm half Indonesian, half Filipino but my family moved to Auckland, New Zealand when I was six and we've been here ever since!

I am a university student studying towards a Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Arts. I love food, TED videos, sharing stories, capturing memories, watching vlogs and eating dessert. My dreams include finishing my undergraduate degree, travelling to Disneyland and being a part of the generation that rids extreme poverty.

You can also learn about me through my 'About me' tagged posts here.

Thanks for reading my blog, get in contact with me and I really hope you stick around.