Thursday, 19 November 2015

The Cat Lounge

I love cats. Love them. All my Snapchat friends would know this since my fur baby Misty features in my story 89% of the time. So you could just imagine my excitement when an Auckland pair decided to open up New Zealand’s first cat cafe! I thought it would make the perfect date day.

The Cat Lounge is perfectly situated on the North Shore and serves delicious Chai Lattes (and other drinks of course). The cafe itself is separated from the cat lounge but they do serve your drinks in takeaway containers to take in with you.

There were lots of cats. Lots of cats and kittens. They were all so friendly and ready to be cuddled, patted and played with but they would also be content with sitting on your lap and having a nap. The best thing about the one-hour sessions is that they make sure only a certain number of people are inside the lounge so everyone gets to cuddle a cat. There's lots of space for the cats to walk and run around, including small bridges and shelves for them to sit. I loved the faux TV fireplace near the couches, surrounded by pictures of other cats ready to be adopted from the local shelter. 

After a good round of chasing tiny toy mice, these two beautiful kittens were keen to cuddle and nap on us the rest of the session. Shortly after residing on the couch, their friend Charlie strutted over and became adamant on giving them a thorough cleaning. Throughout being licked and prodded by Charlie, the kittens happily stayed asleep.

The white kitten slept on Yuri for around 40 minutes and within that time it received a bath from Charlie, rolled away from Yuri's lap and got picked up and moved into what seemed to be a more comfortable position without any complaints. The kitten on my lap didn't miss out on a bath either and looked drenched by the end of it!

During the session I sent pictures to my mum who got a little bit too excited and announced she'd join us. She fell in love with Ed who enjoyed getting picked up even though he was in the middle of a nap. All in all, we loved spending a portion of our afternoon here, it was so relaxing and a nice way to spend the day since the weather was gloomy. I'm already planning when I can visit next and who I'll bring with me!

Spending the day with these kitties only made me love my Misty even more - Yuri and I made her a DIY scratching pole/bed combo that I'll post soon! She's been especially cuddly lately which makes me so happy :)

The Cat Lounge's sessions for up to an hour are $10 and they highly recommend calling in to book (we did since we came in around lunchtime). Even if you're not a cat lover you will SO fall in love with this place, there's nothing cuter than having a kitten nap on your lap.

Check them out on their website and on Facebook. People have also uploaded some wonderful pictures on Instagram with the hashtags #TheCatLounge and #TheCatLoungeNZ!