Tuesday, 30 September 2014

What do I carry in my pockets?

Just in case you ever wondered what 100 people carry in their pockets, my friend Marsha has taken the '100 Days Project' challenge by documenting what people carry on them through photographs. Recently I met up with her at a friend's birthday party, and she snapped this picture of me:

  • The rings I'm wearing on my right hand are by Pandora, one (mine is in the blue enamel but I've been told that it is discontinued now) and two.
  • My lipstick is Too Faced in the shade Spice Spice Baby.
  • My sunglasses are by Kate Spade in Gayla
  • My phone case is by Speck in SmartFlex Card (black), and it houses all three of the cards that I carry on me.
  • The jacket that I'm wearing is by Zara from my mum - sorry no link for this one!
  • I usually have my Apple headphones stuffed into my pockets as well but I didn't bring them with me that night!

Make sure to visit Marsha's project here, my favourite has to be Pocket 54 where she photographs two US Navy Seals during her trip to New York!

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